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Premier LED Upgrades and Retrofits in Kansas City Metro, Springfield and Stockton.

As a family-run and locally operated electrical and lighting business in Kansas City, there really is no job too big or challenging for our skilled team of electricians. Taking immense pride in the superior service that we offer all our residential and commercial clients in the Kansas City area means that when we say your home or business’s LED needs are in the safest hands possible, we really mean it. Having grown our business from a two-person operation to a successful electrical partnership with more than fifteen employees is a testament to our dedicated and committed approach to all aspects of electrical and lighting – this is no truer than in the LED upgrade and retrofit service we offer. So, whatever your individual circumstances we can guarantee a high-quality service that simply won’t be beat for price, quality or convenience. Call our office today to schedule a non-committal appointment with one of skilled professionals or to simply learn more about the top-quality service we offer.

A Winning Reputation

At Lightning Electric LLC, we have evolved our business from a two-man crew to a far bigger one. Using our thirty years of combined electrical and lighting experience as a formidable starting point, we will ensure that any LED upgrades or retrofitting work that we undertake will be completed on time and under budget. What’s more, our use of the latest and most innovative equipment means that we can cater to jobs of all sizes to the exact same high standards. So, whatever your needs, our award-winning service can ensure that your home’s or business’s needs are in the safest hands possible.

Benefits of Regular LED Upgrades and Retrofitting

At Lightning Electric LLC, we are aware that buying and replacing lighting is only a fraction of the total costs associated with operating and maintaining a high-quality commercial lighting system. On average, this outlay will account for less than 5% of your business’s total expenditure in this respect. By contrast, about 85% of the operation costs go on energy costs. The easiest and most effective way of achieving this aim is by ensuring that the LED lights in your business premises are upgraded and retrofitted correctly. Doing so, will ensure optimal lighting standards in your place of work while also keeping energy costs to a minimum.